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What we have done to date


Current volunteer opportunities for the Arts Team

Join our Action Team
- You don't need to be an artist or crafter. People interested in the arts, people who are good organisers, or who just want to lend a hand are welcome.

Attend meetings – about once every two weeks when planning an exhibition and then once a month. Meetings usually in the evenings starting at 5.30pm on a night to suit.

Advertising and promotion. Marketing and social media skills.

Planning and implementing a plan to advertise and promote the Artspace.

Working bees.

Opening nights assistance

Helping to meet and greet, serve food and drinks

Making labels and signage, catalogue assistance

Dealing with inquiries, making sure people get information, arranging sales

Exhibition assistance.

Helping to take down and pack up an exhibition, clean space, and help to put up next exhibition