South Alive Board

South Alive is governed by a Board of Trustees.


Beryl Wilcox, CHAIR

Paul Searancke, DEPUTY CHAIR


Robyn Hickman

Gayle Hammond

Andrew Ralph

Jess Chalmers

Travis Hubber

Christabel Earl

Neeka Aicken

Junaya Leask


South Alive Organisation Structure

The South Invercargill Urban Rejuvenation Charitable Trust (South Alive) is led by the South Alive Trust Board and delivers projects that the community have identified as important to them.  Volunteers from the community action these projects.

South Alive’s social enterprise (The Pantry) is managed by the Board of Directors of South Alive Limited.  This Board of Directors reports to the South Alive Trust Board.

Profits from South Alive’s social enterprise are funneled back into the community-led projects identified in the strategic plan.  This strategic plan is updated regularly with outcomes from community consultation.

Strategic Plan

Our current strategic plan covers 2020-2021. The five goals, and strategies are summarised below.  All goals are determined through continual community consultation.


Goal 1 - UPGRADE - Encourage pride and wellbeing in South Invercargill by improving function and beauty



Goal 2 - COMMUNITY - Build community identification, pride, participation and connection




Goal 3 - CAPACITY - Building community capability, resourcefulness and confidence



Goal 4 - GOVERNANCE - Continue to develop governance capability of the board and South Alive as an effective organisation.



Goal 5 - SUSTAINABILITY - Maintain and further develop the community hub and a successful social enterprise business



If you would like to read the full strategic plan, please click here